Saturday, February 13, 2010

Southern snow

I read in the newspaper today that snow fell on 49 states yesterday – only Hawaii stayed snow-free. In our little corner of the country we got about 3 inches, a rare treat in Columbus. Georgia snow, when it does manage to stick (this happens once a year at most in our part of the state), is always perfect for snow man making. When we were in Colorado over Christmas, it stayed so cold that the snow was too dry for rolling snowballs.

Unfortunately Owen was cursed with a one-day fever that kept him inside with me yesterday while Rob and Will built our snowman for the year. The sun is out so he should be melting to the ground by this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I’ve stayed fever-free for almost three days now and I am so grateful to be regaining much of my old energy.

Post-script: Owen was back to healthy on Saturday, in time to make a baby snowman, which melted to nothing just hours after we built him.

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