Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Count birds

Well my latest diagnosis after my fourth trip to a doctor in 3 weeks: atypical or "walking" pneumonia. I've been on antibiotics long enough now that I'm not contagious but I'm still feeling like a pretty pathetic excuse for a mom and wife. It's not in my nature to lie around and let other people work for me, but I'm trying to resign myself to it in the hopes of getting better faster. And I'm grateful to Rob for being super-dad for days on end. Luckily, winter break arrives tomorrow, so I can rest another week without missing any more work.

Anyway, if my blog posts are meager over the next little while, forgive me. This weekend since we'll be mostly cooped up at home anyway, I think we'll go ahead and participate in the annual Great Back Yard Bird Count. It's easy to do and there are resources for kids on the web site, so check it out and consider doing a 15-minute backyard birdwatching session with your kids. Or pack some binoculars and make an expedition of it -- somewhere beyond the home.

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