Monday, February 1, 2010

Collecting pennies for peace

After a two-week Pennies for Peace fundraising drive at our preschool, Owen and Will and I pulled a wagon filled with a big, heavy jug full of coins into CB&T on Friday. We had a great time dumping the coins into the coin machine and watching as it calculated the money. We collected 6,769 pennies and about 1,200 other coins for a grand total of $300.29 – our modest contribution to help build schools in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
We read “Listen to the Wind” (Greg Mortenson's story of his first school-building experience in Pakistan) to our 3-year-old and pre-k classes and had fun sorting and counting change in the classroom. If you’ve got a tiny bit of spare time on your hands and the inclination to help your child’s school (or even just your family) launch a little Pennies to Peace drive, check out the web site. They make it simple and provide lots of online learning material.

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