Friday, February 5, 2010

Oxygen please

I have been about as sick this week as I remember being in my life. I’m still not quite sure on the diagnosis – it’s just a month-long cough, fueled by a combination of viruses and allergies, that’s gotten more productive by the day and finally landed me in bed with fevers on and off this week. I’ve been on antibiotics to no avail and am now enduring a 5-day stretch of prednisone, which seems to be helping but also makes me unusually weepy and unusually prone to nighttime mind-racings.

Yesterday I was feeling so much better that I decided to accompany Will on his field trip to the fire station (especially because the prospect of visiting the fire station was making him jittery and he was threatening not to go if I didn’t accompany him).

Today I paid with the fever’s return, but yesterday we had fun.Watched a couple firemen race to get dressed, watched another fireman climb to the talk of the ladder on the ladder truck, saw the firemen’s living and sleeping quarters, tried on firemen’s helmets -- and Owen was overjoyed to use the fire station potty.

Maybe I should have hooked myself up to one of their oxygen tanks. If you’ve got a miracle home remedy for relentless asthma-like bronchitis mixed with sinus infection, please share.


April said...

Oh dear, I wish I were there to make you chicken soup! Here are some ideas for you - maybe one or two at least will be possible - a friend of mine who deals with asthma/lung issues recommends steaming (boiling water in a bowl, towel over your head) with a bit of apple cider vinegar in the water. Also, drinking a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in water. When I or the kids have needed immune support, probiotics (esp. if you've been on antibiotics) are helpful - gotten from a reliable source, preferably a trusted natural medicine advisor in your area, and Sambucus Nigra (Elderberry) extract or syrup. Take raw garlic (finely chop a clove and swallow it down if you can manage that) once or twice a day. Supplementing daily with vitamin A but only for a week or two, as well as making sure you are getting your omega 3s (flaxseed or cod liver oil), selenium (brazil nuts are a good source),Vitamin C (of course!) and, around here at least, vitamin D. I hope that isn't overwhelming but maybe something will help. Have Rob make you immunity soup -
I am wishing you well - xo - April

Annie Addington said...

Thanks April; I'm definitely trying my share of natural remedies (along with the dreaded drugs) -- including steaming (I'll add the apple cider vinegar though), garlic, honey, flaxseed etc. I'll try some of your suggestions too. Immunity soup looks good.