Saturday, February 27, 2010

A shower without the giftwrap

Today I hosted a nontraditional shower/blessingway for a first-time mom-to-be, who is also a good friend and one of Rob's co-workers. We skipped the usual unwrapping of presents and instead brought a bunch of unwrapped second-hand baby toys, infant seats, bouncy seats, swings, cloth diapers, clothes and more for her to either borrow or keep. And then we had an envelope for monetary contributions so she can get exactly what she needs.

We had a tasty potluck, so that even though I'm recovering from pneumonia I didn't have to do any more work than the other shower-goers. And in the time we could have spent unwrapping presents, we instead strung a necklace for her, in blessingway tradition, placing beads on it from each of us as we shared birth stories, thoughts about her, and shared memories with her. We also gave her a little foot soaking with lavendar bath crystals.

I am always grateful for the time I spend with women at a blessingway-style shower. It's so nice to bond, to hear each other stories, to share some heartfelt appreciation for one another, and maybe even get a little teary-eyed together.

Thanks to my friend Tina, now far away in Sweden, for introducing me to the concept.

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