Monday, March 2, 2009

Southern snowmen

Yesterday, for the first time in the five years we’ve lived in Columbus we got snow that actually stuck to the ground. And it kept on falling. Unfortunately Owen was stuck inside with some raspy breathing after his cold took a turn for the worse. But he got to look out the window and watch as Rob and Will built a snow man and then had a snowball fight.

Snowman building in the warm wet Georgia snow actually proved much easier than snowman building in Colorado -- except that there was less of the stuff to work with and plenty of yard debris that attached itself to the snowballs. When Rob found a couple sticks to serve as arms for the snowman, Will remarked that they looked a lot more like deer antlers than arms. But they made arms of them anyway. So here are Will and Willy, the dirty, antler-armed snowman that Will named after himself. We warned Will that Willy may melt right into the grass by this afternoon, and he suggested that we behead the snowman and preserve just the head in our freezer. It's a lovely idea, but I just don't think it will fit.
If you've got a blog or other Web site with photos of your own Southern snowmen (I know there are plenty of them barely surviving out there today), please post a link.

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