Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The week (and more) in pictures

Here are a few photos from Saturday, when we went to Fire on the Mountain at Sprewell Bluff State Park, where we picnicked, listened to music, watched a demonstration prescribed fire and viewed some rescue animals -- owls, snakes and gopher tortoises. From afar, Owen thought Smokey the Bear looked pretty interesting but when we got up close he wanted away from the big friendly bear (whose slogan, by the way, is now “Only you can prevent wildfires” instead of “forest fires” – since prescribed fires are now cool with Smokey and the Forest Service folks who tell him to what to think).
Will knew better than to get anywhere near a man in a bear suit, so he went to work manning Rob’s Nature Conservancy booth.

The highlight though, was throwing rocks in the river, although it took a little work at first to convince Owen not to throw himself in the river too.

Later in the weekend, the boys pretended they were boating in the hammock with Rob, who was sporting the grisly bearded look for a few more hours before he would shave the thing off to mark the onset of spring.

And as I downloaded our camera to get the weekend photos I discovered this picture of Will practicing the lift from “Dirty Dancing” with Aunt Alicia a week and a half ago. Will and Owen enjoyed some raucous living room dancing with Papa and Aunt Alicia that weekend, and Will must have made Alicia play Patrick Swayze at least a couple dozen times (not that he’s seen the film or anything – he just likes to elevate himself above the rest of us).

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