Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drawing God

Today after drawing an airplane, Will began wondering about how God made cars. And then he decided he wanted to try drawing a picture of God. When he asked me how I thought God looked, I told him that I didn’t necessarily picture God as a person but as something much bigger, connecting everything. I told him I didn’t know how to draw God. Of course I knew I was being way too abstract for Will. So I asked him how he imagined God looking, and that set him to musing:

“What he seems like in my imagination is he’s up in the sky and the sun is rising on him and he has a wide green body and white hair. In my imagination he looks silly. In my imagination it seems like the sun rises right on God. Because if God didn’t have light he wouldn’t be able to see anything...”

But then he reconsidered, apparently imagining heaven in outer space: “But if he lives up in space he doesn’t have light. It’s dark. So that means if it’s dark, he sleeps forever.”

Maybe he can work in the dark, I suggested. Will nodded in agreement and then drew this picture.
At first I thought he’d drawn a crown on God’s head, but Will said, no, that was just his white hair, outlined in green.

How do you your children envision God -- or do they?


shannon said...

I asked and Cavan (3) says, "oh, I know! like a cross". Uh, I think that's an association with religion and a desire from Cavan to have the right answer. . . . His oder sister says she has always thought of God "with, like, thick arms- really thick arms. A ghostly face and body but wide, thick arms."

shannon said...

that would be older sister , not oder sister (so as not to be offensive to my girl)

Annie Addington said...

Occasionally, Will seems like Owen's odor brother to me. Interesting that both Will and Nora describe God's body or arms as "wide," not just big...