Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet spring

This is a treasured time of year for me – that honeymoon with spring, when the weather warms up enough for shorts and T-shirts and lots of outdoor play and yet the mosquitoes haven’t quite descended on us yet. So we can enjoy our backyard without either dousing our entire bodies in mosquito repellent or getting eaten alive. We are eating dinner on our back deck, running around outside – and catching our first sightings of bluebirds, azaleas and flowering Redbuds. And we’re enjoying it all with Papa, who’s come for a visit for the first time since we lost Nana. After the boys are in bed, we share stories about her around the chiminea. I’ll post spring photos soon.

We're also planning an expedition Saturday to Fire on the Mountain at Sprewell Bluff State Park, assuming the weather's decent. If you're shopping for a weekend activity, check out the Web site. It's a lovely setting for listening to music, letting the kids run around, throwing rocks in the river and viewing some prescribed fire from a safe distance. It's about an hour's drive from Columbus, and if the weather's looking rainy you'll want to recheck the Web site to make sure the event hasn't been postponed.

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