Saturday, March 14, 2009

He's a toddler

The rainy day postponed our plans for Fire on the Mountain (which we’ll now be enjoying next Saturday). But that gave Rob and I the excuse to go on a rare six-hour-long date while Papa and Aunt Alicia entertained the boys.

We saw "Slum Dog Millionaire," did some thrift store shopping and went out for dinner. Meanwhile the boys got to enjoy a rare treat of their own with an equally rare trip to Chick-fil-A, where Will was apparently very protective of his little brother as they played on the indoor playground together. He even defended young Owen’s honor when a couple of other kids referred to him as a baby. “He’s not a baby; he’s a toddler,” Will said.

Here’s a photo of an outing we took on Friday to a Nature Conservancy property called Blackjack Crossing, where Rob put in a little time doing prescribed fire prep while Papa and Owen and I took a hike, did some tee-pee building and had a picnic.


cbowman said...

A six-hour date? What luxury! Maybe we'll see you next weekend at Fire on the Mountain. :-)

Annie Addington said...

We'd love to see you there -- it's well worth the trip if the weather's nice.