Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the weekend weather archive

I’m just now getting these photos posted, but on Saturday, the day before we got the biggest snow that Columbus has seen in years, we got pounded by a big thunderstorm that was followed by a sunny afternoon with temperatures in the balmy 70s. When I told Will then that it was supposed to go from being so warm to snowing overnight, he said “that must be because of magic.”

On the way back from a trip to the library, Will spotted a giant lake in a baseball field at Lakebottom Park, where they were having such major drainage issues that one family decided to bring their giant inflatable raft and go boating in the flood of water. From our car, Will saw kids wading and asked if we could go have our own water adventure. So we rounded up Owen and took the stroller down, loaded with a full change of clothes, towels and rainboots.

In the beginning, Will was amusingly cautious about trying to keep his shorts dry.

But soon he was running and splashing with gusto. The boys had such great fun romping in the mini-lakes and 50-yard long sidewalk puddles that I decided it was definitely worth all the clothes changing and scrubbing, and I’m already looking forward to more warm, rainy days to come.


April said...

Rob and I can't believe how grown up Owen looks! Since when is he a toddler?? We've spent lots of time puddle-jumping, only almost never in shorts - usually rainpants, raincoats, fleeces, wool socks - you get the picture...

shannon said...

When I was in Columbus High School, we played soccer on those wet fields; they were our home fields! Those were the only games our first girls team, public school, some of us had never heard of soccer, won. We won, of course, because we were rough and tough enough to skid through all the puddles and knew how the ball bounced from lake to lake. I still don't really know anything about soccer, just more about perserverance and playing in the mud!

Annie Addington said...

Yeah, I'm a little worried that Owen's going to outgrow Will in a year or two. He's definitely shedding his baby ways.

And Shannon, my favorite high school sports activity was the snow soccer we played while supposedly getting in shape for ski team. We were a fairly lousy ski team, and the snow soccer probably didn't do anything to decrease our times, but it was fun. I'd like to try mud-and-water soccer too.