Monday, March 16, 2009

Buying consigned

This evening I’ll be heading to the Just 4 Kidz Consignments pre-sale. Over the past year, I’ve started investing just enough time to consign 25 items to the sale – the minimum required to gain admittance to a Monday night presale. I never feel like pricing anything high, as I envision other budget-wary moms shopping for bargains like me, so I rake in something like $15 dollars for my trouble but then get to go early and look for Will’s wardrobe for the upcoming season (and it really is the majority of what he wears). The way I see it buying consigned is still stimulating the economy – we’re just pumping dollars back into the wallets of moms on tight enough budgets that they’re willing to take time to consign.

This year’s sale starts Tuesday, with a 25 percent off day on Friday and a half-price day Saturday. See the Web site for details.

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