Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Plane bedfellows

Some kids cuddle with teddy bears. Will prefers....

metal airplanes.

My best convince-the-kid-to-take-a-nap strategy is to graciously offer to fetch just about anything in the house for him to read or play with on his bed until he gets tired. Sometimes it's all the mouse books and dog books I can find. Sometimes it's a few toy airplanes -- and a person to go in the little old-school one. (Today, when I brought a female little person for the green plane, Will started to protest that he needed a man, but I soon convinced him that women can be pilots too.)

So, what strange things have your kids been known to cuddle with? One-word answers are welcome here.

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Brandy said...

My little one likes to cuddle with his hot wheel cars or his Thomas trains. If he decides to choose stuffed animals, he piles them up and covers them with his blanket, and then lays on top of them. It doesn't look very comfortable to me, but whatever works!