Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just the month, please

On our walk back from the park -- where Will got distracted while climbing a playground ladder, slipped and banged his head on one of the rungs, immediately developed a nice-sized knot on the back of his head, screamed and cried in pain, then stopped sobbing just long enough to scream “GET AWAY!” through his tears at all caring, concerned onlookers who were trying to ensure that he was okay (this getting-ferocious-with-all-helpful-people-after-an-injury thing is embarrassing every time) -- Will asked me a simple question:

“Mom, what day is it?”

“January eighth.” (Normally I tell Will the day of the week; this time I had dates on the brain for some reason.)

“No I didn’t want the 8.”

“Oh, you just wanted to know what month it was?”


“It’s January.”

“Yeah, January,” Will said, satisfied with the whole month answer.

Soon after our arrival home, Will asked Rob: “Dad is it the weekend?”

“No, it’s Tuesday.”

And suddenly Will, still fragile after his fall at the park, started to cry. “No it’s not, it’s JANUARY!” he yelled. And cried some more.

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shannon said...

I burst out laughing. I wish I could blurt things like that out - wait- my husband would insist I do on a regular basis. With all the multi-tasking two children plus other responsibilities entails, I often don't have time to explain myself nor do I want to hear the real, detailed answer from anyone. IT'S JUST DINNER! I may scream, not feeling the need to explain what turnip greens are or BATHROOM!, which means - I am in the bathroom, please do not scream at me from upstairs, please do not scream at me all, don't even whisper at me. It certainly would make me feel better if I could just cut people off sometimes and insist on my own answer. (and, like my husband would maintain, I do).