Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas photo album

I finally downloaded the vacation camera. Here’s a mini-photo album of our adventures:
In Atlanta: Will discovers his inner performer on the microphone Nana and Papa gave him.

Aunt Alicia stages an elaborate, prop-filled puppet show in Will and Owen’s new doorway theater.

After his first plane trip (to Colorado), Owen met GG, my grandmother, for the first time.

Will and icicle.

Owen and stocking.

Will gets a major assist from Grammy on the slopes (before he learned that he could ski by himself).
Will and Owen enjoyed a day with four of their second cousins* (all children of three different cousins of mine). 10-year-old Wyatt, pictured here, is the eldest by a good five years, and infatuated Will soon announced that Wyatt was his best friend. Incidentally, when Will woke up this morning and I told him Georgia had played Hawaii last night (we put him to bed before the slaughter), he was momentarily convinced that Georgia had played Wyatt.
* I had to go to this Web site to determine that they were second cousins (people with the same great grandparents but not the same grandparents).

Sledding with Grandpa (and the cousins and second cousins).

Uncle Graham celebrates a lucky turn in an impassioned game of Candy Land.

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