Friday, January 4, 2008

Here come the teeth

Owen’s bottom middle two teeth are showing their faint whites just beneath the gums and we’ve been hearing about it the past few nights as he wakes up crying about an hour after bedtime. The tears persist, minus some relief from ice-sucking, until we cave and give him infant Tylenol. Will was relatively unbothered by the process, but unless we’re misdiagnosing some simple unwillingness to sleep, Owen needs relief if we hope to get any sleep. I’m thinking of trying some Hyland’s Teething tablets but I’m always hesitant to try any products (even when they’re homeopathic and “natural”) out on a baby.

So, tell me your favorite teething remedy – especially for nighttime (just gumming on teethers and fingers and ice cubes seems to suffice during the daylight hours).


Monkey's Mommy said...

I've found with Hyland's it's hit or miss. Didn't do squat for my Eli but I have a friend who swears by them for her little one. Eli didn't even handle the old school Orajel so we ended up just toughing it out (and not getting much sleep!)

Heather said...

The old stand-bys work for us. Joel now has his two bottom teeth. The first one was a real bugger, but it would mostly bother him during the day. Thankfully there were only a few night time awakenings that required nighttime Orajel and Baby Tylenol. I was given the Hyland's by a friend during play group when Joel was having a particularly rough day and it seemed to do the trick - for about an hour. I'm not really sure if it worked or not. I have learned though, that once Joel is screaming in pain, it's too late for the chew toys so now I try to have the teething toys around at all times for him to chew on. Once he gets to the point of no return with the pain, I don't hesitate to whip out the Tylenol!

Annie Addington said...

Thanks for your thoughts. We've tried out the Hyland's the past couple nights, and I'm not sure either whether they're helping or not -- not a miracle cure but we've managed to go without the tylenol that way. Just wish those little teeth could bust on out and be done with it. (I haven't tried Orajel because I read some Dr. Sears advice on his website cautioning against it. Whether it's advice worth following is another matter. Who knows...)