Monday, January 21, 2008

Helmet-wearing carnivore

Will enters the kitchen with his red bike helmet on and explains that he’s got to wear his helmet because he’s going to eat some meat. (This is fantasy meat, it was after-breakfast playtime with no real meat-eating in sight.)

He apparently learned the importance of being a helmet-wearing carnivore the hard way: “Yeah ‘cause one time I got sick ‘cause I ate meat with not a helmet,” he tells me.

And it took some thinking on my part before it occurred to me that a couple days earlier I’d been telling Will the story of how we discovered Rob had a red meat allergy – when he broke out in hives and had trouble breathing after eating a hamburger one time, a steak another.

So I guess it makes sense that Will has deduced that meat-eating is a dangerous contact sport. Some of my vegetarian friends might agree.

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