Thursday, January 17, 2008

On to carrots

We made the bold move from rice cereal to carrots today. Upon his first bite, Owen gave me a look that said, “Woman, you’re crazy if you think I’m going to swallow that yuckiness.” But I looked right back at him with a big grin and crooned “yummy!” then signed and said “eat” with enthusiasm. (We’ve just begun signing along with eating – “eat,” “more,” and “all done” are all we’ll bother with for a while -- and while I’m sure Owen's clueless about the meaning of the signs at this point, he gets really animated at this moving-fingers-while-speaking-with-emphasis thing.)

So Owen tried a few more bites and soon he was feeding himself the stuff.

Here he is content and a mess, having finished his 1-and-a-half-tablespoon meal.

I’m sure that whether or not you wind up with a picky eater is 85 percent luck and 15 percent how you feed the kid, but assuming I do have some miniscule bit of control over the matter, I’m going to be careful to start with vegetables and try to slowly build as much variety into Owen’s diet as I can, so that hopefully he’ll eat a wide range of things along with us as he grows.

What do you think? Did your child’s diet as a baby or young toddler have any bearing on the eater they’ve become?

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shannon said...

Yes, definitely. My first child ate mostly vegetables (on her own- her father and I eat meat) from the time she started eating food. I introduced every vegetable and fruit possible, while encouraging her to also eat a little meat. Her pediatrician said her iron level was higher than his when he checked (he checked, thinking because she was breastfed? and a female she'd have low iron). I also never made her eat things. If she didn't like them, I just tried again later and did not show any sign I was dissappointed. Now, she'll eat almost everything. We took her to dim sum recently, and she went crazy! My second child got the bum deal because I did not try as hard with him to introduce such a variety of foods in the very beginning (too busy? so sad!). Now, he refuses many things we put in front of him. I feel I also made the mistake of letting him know I'm dissappointed, compared to his sister (oh no!), so now it's a control thing for him. . . . I'm trying to back off a little.