Monday, June 23, 2008

Roadtrip Snapshots: Part 2

And here's a few shots from our stay in Colorado, which was really not a "stay" at all since we were on the move most of the time -- attending (in spirit at least) two simultaneous weddings and visiting family and old friends (most of whom aren't even pictured here). It was the busiest trip of my life -- and great fun no less.

First, in Eagle (my hometown), an aproned Will plays waiter. He would later -- on our road trip back to Georgia -- purchase a ring pop with his tip money.
Boulder Canyon makes a picturesque wedding spot:My cousin Molly ties the knot:
In the audience, two of my favorite women in the world (at 90, "G.G." -- grandma to both Molly and me -- was a guest of honor. And she loved the celebration.)Dancing with Grammy to cousin Adam's bluegrass band:Sleeping with Daddy to cousin Adam's bluegrass band (3 hours past bedtime)At our friend Travis's post-wedding brunch, Owen develops an affection for sunglasses (with guidance from Priya). He's been swiping mine from me ever since: "Shopping" at REI with my friend (and eternal college roommate) Alicia and her two 2-year-old twins Henry and Clementine (who both have an intimate love for the Boulder city buses -- it made Henry sob desperately each time we had to deboard and watch one of the mighty mobiles drive away):
We met sweet 9-week-old Teagan, son #2 for my cousin Emily. (We are thinking of launching a 2-boys support group. Anyone want to join?)Hanging out with second cousins Max (elder brother to Teagan) and net-headed Jasper (who'd just survived his own family road trip from Seattle to Colorado).


shannon said...

Ah . . . and Will is a picturesque guest! Those ladies look lovely in blue (the scarf around your Mom's neck says to me that it isn't sweltering there). I want to dance to a live bluegrass band!
Oh my gosh, Will and Owen are so lucky you drug them around to see such beloved friends and family.

Annie Addington said...

There were times that I felt like a really reckless mom dragging them around that much -- but they were surprisingly tolerant...

And yes, we were feeling pretty chilled in our summer dresses as the wedding night wore on. One of the things I miss most about Colorado is the cool summer evenings. I'm glad we missed the heat wave while we were out there because I'm having a tough enough time readjusting to hot, humid Georgia in late June after the cool, dry weather there. At least Owen's eczema seems to improve in our steamy weather.