Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The road home

I'll end our road-trip-in-pictures with a few shots from the journey home:

We logged a long day Thursday, winding up at this motel in Witchita, where Owen and Will played doghouse.

So we had banked enough hours to make it to my Uncle John and Aunt Philia's house in Little Rock by late afternoon on day two of the return trip. We enjoyed a nice homemade dinner and even squeezed in an excursion to nearby Pinnacle Mountain State Park where Will enjoyed some time with Uncle John on a playground while Rob and Owen and I took a 1/2-mile late-evening hike and viewed some mammoth cypress trees.

A couple photos in motion: Dad does the backseat squeeze -- while we sugar-high Will through the last leg of the return trip. (Rob and I spent much of our non-driving time seated between the boys like so, juggling their happiness and hunger as we conquered the Interstate.) Will sang and played a few original "bluegrass" tunes on the new travel guitar:And, knight-obsessed Will explored one of his favorite fast-food playgrounds: a Burger King castle.
(I'm secretly glad to be back to our Lakebottom Park playground, where we can swing and slide and run about -- no cheap chicken nuggets required.)

And we're all alternatively happy to be home and a little sorry our adventure's over. "I'm glad to be home," Will said a few different times within an hour of our arrival, having laid eyes on his toys and bedroom. By the next morning, though, he started longing for our more nomadic days. "I want to go home to the motel," he said.

But we're settling back into our at-home routine anyway.

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