Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Listen while you work

This was my mother’s day gift
– a little speaker in our kitchen that Rob connected to the computer in our adjacent office. It’s one of my favorite gifts ever. My habit of trying to squeeze in a walk to the park, dinner preparation and bedtime routines all within the few hours between Owen’s afternoon awakening and evening bedtime leaves me slaving in my wreck of a kitchen well after 8, when all the interesting NPR programming has turned to music that somehow just doesn’t inspire me when I’m in the midst of scrubbing crusty dishes.

I’m starting to realize that I’m something of an NPR news junkie. Now I play Morning Edition and All Things Considered on my computer as I perform mundane kitchen tasks, and it’s added a whole new layer of serenity to my life as a domestic laborer. Sure I’m washing dishes and floors that will only get dirty all over again in a short number of hours – but at least now I’m hearing interesting tales from around the world while I slave away.

What diversions do you enjoy when you’re stuck doing chores?


Emily Larsen said...

Annie, I also am a complete NPR fanatic. We have the best NPR station here in the Vail Valley - that you are well aware of - KUNC and it stays on all day in my house. I listen - term used loosely - to the news programs in the mornings and afternoons and enjoy the music and news updates throughout the day. Without it I would be lost to world events.

shannon said...

NPR keeps my commutes serene, and informed. . . I was just explaining to my 6 year old about Barak being the first black man to run for president, after she asked what "they", the ever-present voices of Neal Conan (sp?), Teri Gross (sp?) and the like!, were talking about today.
For chores, definitely music and all the dancing that goes with it - sometimes just me, sometimes me and two little inspired children.