Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pickin' peaches

Today we joined my friend Ginny (who makes a habit of going on Wednesday morning excursions with her kids) for a fruit-picking trip to Hudson Farms. It was a hot but fun morning of peach- and blackberry-picking. I have fond memories of picking fruit with my family at U-pick orchards near Grand Junction, Colorado – and I’d like to make an annual tradition of it here.

Will and Creight enjoyed picking peaches side by side, while Owen explored the leaves of the trees from his seat in the backpack.

Will stopped to study each fruit and comment on it’s wonderful aroma. (I think he made me smell just about every peach he picked.)

And Millie snacked along the way, and had the blackberry stains to prove it.
Back at home, Will and I devoured a simple lunch of cheese and tomato sandwiches (with homemade whole wheat bread and a tomato from our garden) and blackberries and peaches for dessert.

Go to for links to fruit-picking farms near you.

Where do you go fruit- or vegetable-picking?


shannon said...

the blueberries in my back yard taste so much better than any other! The kids have been picking every night for a week. The bushes are also a blessing in another way. . . .We had a? mouse in the house and just when I was wishing my old, tired, Buddha-calm-like cat would do something about it, we found a stray tom cat in the blueberry bushes. His name is now pokey and he catches all kinds of animals for us every day and leaves them at the door. And no more mouse(?s). So we've been picking blueberries and cats.

Allison Kennedy said...

Looks like fun!
and, welcome back!

Annie Addington said...

Mmmm blueberries. Will eats them every day on his oatmeal -- two breakfast staples he resfuse to go without. We were planning to get some at Hudson Farms, but we didn't find any that were ripe where we were picking.

So you could probably catch a Will with those blueberry bushes one of these days... He doesn't bring any nice perks like mouse-control though.