Saturday, March 22, 2008

A romantic evening at Kohl’s

It’s been eons since we left Will and Owen with a babysitter so we decided to do a little late-afternoon, early-evening stint in part because I still don’t feel comfortable making a babysitter put both boys to bed and in part because our babysitter had somewhere to be by 7 p.m. We weren’t in the mood for a really early dinner so we took some Kohl’s gifts certificates we hadn’t spent since Christmas, split up and went on a little shopping spree in our respective gender departments for half an hour then teamed up for our final selections (Rob is actually a wonderful shopping partner, which is pretty ironic since I go shopping less than just about any woman I know; he’s actually interested in my fashion – probably because I need real help on that front).

Then we enjoyed a happy hour beer at a sports bar of all places, because it was the only place we had time to go that also had outdoor seating. When Rob started to talk about Tiger Woods and how Georgia got put out in the first round of the "tourney," I headed off for a bathroom break and told him to keep talking sports while I was gone. By the time I got back we had a great sports-free discussion about just about everything. And I realized that that Kohl’s/sports bar date, although it sounds so decidedly unromantic, was actually a lovely way to spend an evening. Sometimes it’s just fun to do the things you can’t ever make time for with kids in tow.

Will had a good time too. When we got home, and found he and Owen assembling a tinker-toy airplane with the babysitter, he asked if we could leave again. Then we got our big hugs.

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John & Kelley said...

This is so familiar to me! My husband and I often end up shopping and getting a quick, cheap meal when we're done. We get so giddy when we're out without the girls. It's such a rare thing. Like you, we don't want to saddle any babysitter with double bedtime. It's difficult enough for two of us at times. So our dates are frequently midday on Saturdays!