Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Grinnin’ in green on a swing in spring

Two things evoke sheer AND sustained joy in Owen: Bathtime and swinging at the park. Here are several variations on sheer joy starring Owen.

Any primary sources for sheer and sustained joy for your kids? (I wish you could post photos with comments. If you happen to have a blog, include a link to an old or current post of your joyful kid(s), and I'll come visit.)


shannon said...

for Nora, 6, it's a quiet sheer joy- reading. I have captured some sweet moments of her reading to cousins and her brother.
for Cavan, 2, it's running free outside. I have also captured this on camera. I am most happy when experiencing that joy with them! Reading to them fills me with immeasurable happiness the same way running through the yard does-- no phones, no other people, no chores-- just joy!

Laura said...

That's my personal blog. I'm here in Columbus too.

Most of my writing lately has been about some issues we're going through with our oldest daughter, but there are plenty of "sheer joy" photos on my blog to go around! Check out the post from yesterday. While it's a long post about our dealing with her ADHD, there's a lovely picture of Abby at the marina (bread in hand and wind in hair) after we got through feeding the ducks.

Your little ones are so sweet. I've been reading your blog for a while now...

Annie Addington said...

Mmm. Running free and jumping off of just about anything -- are Will's version of sheer joy too. For me, it's watching Will and Owen laugh at and with each other. There are plenty of times when I'm trying to referee instead -- but those moments of harmonious happiness are unbeatable.

I enjoyed your blog, Laura!