Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Art in the car port

Rob’s begun a little tradition of embarking on outdoor art projects with Will each weekend. They set up under our carport with wood, saws, hammers, nails, paints – whatever they need – and make an afternoon of creating something. Will has his own hammer and scrap wood that he goes to work on, and when he tires of that he runs around in the back yard. Come painting time, he sometimes gets to help too.

Here they are this past Sunday piecing together a wooden butterfly, which they painted and presented to our friends Brant and Carey, who are due to have a baby in just a couple weeks, at a surprise luncheon we had for them yesterday at Rob’s office.

The week before they made this frame (the dragonfly at the center is a sketch Brant did).

And before that they launched this spring’s outdoor art initiative with this flower painting on wood, which now hangs in the boys’ bathroom. Will was primary painter on the big flower in the corner; Rob followed with some major touch-ups.

Post script: Indoors this weekend, Will and I embarked on another piece of artwork that is Neanderthalishly crude by comparison. Here I did only the lettering (minus the Y – the one letter besides W, which Will offered to paint on the sign and the only one that we also needed to incorporate). The rainbow of colors is all Will. (Although I must admit that I am mostly sneaking this photo into the mix so that you can sneak a peek at what is in my mind one of the most beautiful of all sights – a full-term, stock-full-of-ready-to-be-born-baby belly.)


shannon said...

Beautiful! All of it is- art, dad and son, baby ready to be born - Mom appreciating. I have been recently coloring and painting a lot with Cavan (2) and thinking (wrongly but oh-so-proudly) that maybe I should've been an artist. . . . Mostly because it is so darn enjoyable and cathartic. I think Will is well on his way to living (Dad's?) dream. . . .

shannon said...

p.s. let's have art night every now and then (per Amanda Soule). . . a party for families to get together and make art in a very casual setting, no rules, just some supplies and a show at the end. . . a way to encourage everyone (adults, too!) to create and make it fun.

Annie Addington said...

I like the art night idea. Maybe an art potluck would be fun -- bring a simple dish and a random art supply and then everyone could embark on some improvisational eating/art-making. We'll have to try it soon.