Sunday, January 24, 2010

Strange lunch ideas, from the kids

I pack the strangest things in Will's lunch these days. He begs often for lunchables and I explain to him that I think it's too much packaging to throw out for just a few crackers and (processed) cheese and lunch meat. But I do try to respect his wishes, within the limits of our kitchen cupboards, when it comes to packing his lunch and we wind up with kind of strange sandwich fixings. One of his favorites is melted cheese and deli turkey (we get that natural nitrate-free stuff) on pita bread with salsa, sour cream and avocado. It's kind of a strange combo, invented by him, but I'll admit I kind of like it myself.

Last week, though, when he begged for a peanut butter, jelly and cheddar cheese sandwich, I was feeling skeptical. But since he was certain he would like it and he's been not too excited about plain PB&J's lately, I decided to give it a go.

"How'd you like your sandwich?" I asked him after school.

"Delish!" he said with a smile. Next time he wants me to throw in some raisins.

For snack today, he crumbled crackers into cottage cheese, added a dollop of salsa and declared it delectable.

As long as it's relatively healthy and gets eaten, I guess I'm just going to let him keep concocting strange foods.

What secrets do you have for keeping your kids lunching without lunchables at school? Or are you a lunchable lover?

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