Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help for Haiti

I’ve been so glad to hear about the millions of dollars that people have been giving – much of it in the form of $10 text donations -- to help with the relief effort in Haiti. It’s nice when technology makes it convenient to do the right thing.

Today Will and I took some time to look at some online images from Haiti. We talked about what earthquakes are (and the fact that we are not in a place where earthquakes are likely to happen), looked at before and after images of the presidential palace before and after the earthquake and viewed an American Red Cross photoessay of the Haiti earthquake. We found Haiti on our globe and noticed how relatively close it is to Georgia. I asked Will if he would like to help the people in Haiti and I let him punch in the numbers to text our donation to the Red Cross relief effort.

Hope you’ll join us in chipping in, if you haven’t yet already. You can donate $10 to Haiti relief by texting “Haiti” to 90999.

Other places to donate

Doctors Without Borders
Oxfam America
Yéle Haiti


daveback said...

Made my $10 donation yesterday as well. What I'm hoping for is that a majority of the $10 goes to the Red Cross and not the "Service" fee. I also read that the money from texting will take time to actually be given to the red cross (Typically over a month). I also heard that it's around $7-$8 that actually gets to the Red Cross. I hope that is not true as a 20% service fee is terrible. Have you heard of anything else in regards to this?

I do believe the Texting message does allow for a casual person to drop $10 bucks in the kettle easy.

I hope the rest of the country gets behind this but from the reports that I've seen, more than 50% of people say that they are not donating. When San Francisco gets hit by our "Big one", I hope people will help us when we need it as we will be hit in 20-30 years or less.


Annie Addington said...

Good questions. I looked into it and apparently, although these services typically charge a few cents fee per donation along with an annual fee to the organization they're collecting for, in this case, all four of the major mobile networks are waiving all fees for the Haiti relief effort. Here's some info on the subject from Consumer Reports:

So hopefully your full $10 is going to Haiti. And I'm going to cross my fingers against the big one for you.