Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sibling diplomacy

We had a minor breakthrough today on the resolving disputes front. Finally, Will remembered my suggestion that when Owen hits him, he can take the high road and let Owen know that he will not tolerate hitting (as opposed to just hitting him back or yelling out in his whiniest voice, “Mom, Owen hit me!”). I often remind Will that he is teaching Owen with his actions.

Will strode proudly into the kitchen and recounted his victory in diplomacy.

“Mom, Owen hit me, and I didn’t hit back” he told me. “I said, ‘Owen, you do NOT hit me. You can either go into another room or be nice.’ And he said, ‘be nice.’”

I congratulated Will on his cool-headed diplomacy and Will returned to the living room for some peaceful play. Of course an hour later he gave Owen a whack on the back when his little brother frustrated him and, since I witnessed the whack, suddenly I was the one intervening again. But hey, I’m going to focus on our progress for the day.

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