Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye diapers, hello world

Today Owen had his first diaper-free day at school after a holiday of wearing mostly underwear. His only accident in the past week occurred in the seat of a friend's battery-operated riding jeep, a new Christmas acquistion that Owen was happy to pee in rather than stop for a potty break. I had it coming -- I put Owen on the thing about an hour after he consumed an entire sippy cup of watered down juice.

For the past couple nights Owen's been wearing underwear at night -- and today, Owen's teachers sent his diapers home. I've always been haunted as much by the waste of diapers as by the chore of changing them, and -- knock on wood, since regressions do happen -- I'm glad to be done with them.

In general I feel like Rob and I are rounding some kind of major corner as parents as we lose some of those baby duties and encourage the kids to do more and more themselves. Will makes pancakes for us on weekend mornings, the boys are starting the bath and climbing in on their own, sometimes they even clean up without our help at all. And I am finally finding just a bit of time to read at night. I was hoping this day would arrive. I'm basking in it -- no time to be nostalgic yet.


Grace said...

Being diaper free is quite liberating (for the child and the parent!) Congrats to Owen and you guys!

Annie Addington said...

Of course Owen's had about three accidents since I wrote this post (he still often needs to be encouraged to go potty so when I get lax, things get messy). But oh well. I'd rather wash some pants and underwear (and bed sheets) on a few occasions than regress to disposables.