Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lion-free circus

Yesterday, we enjoyed the Florida State University “Flying High” Circus at Callaway Gardens, which is the most kid-friendly circus around. (Will asks not to go to circuses with tigers and lions -- at least last time we checked in with him on the matter, which I admit was a year ago). The FSU circus, which is free with admission to Callaway, is a human-only affair with trapeze artists, jugglers, tight-rope walkers and bicycle-built-for-five riders doing their stunts.
Will found the circus quite mesmerizing while Owen waffled between awe and terror as he watched the strange leotarded people do their death-defying tricks. He spent most of the show, looking like this:

The FSU circus performs daily (except for Wednesdays) at Callaway during mid-summer, but if you haven’t been yet, start planning. Friday marks the final day of performances. Go here for details.

And of course before or after the circus you can enjoy other activities at Callaway. We stayed right in the Robin Lake Beach Area, where Owen discovered that a waveless beach is much more his speed than the mighty ocean. We also played an abbreviated game of mini golf. Will got some putting lessons from dad while I kept Owen one hole ahead, where he could crawl on the green and hand-drop his ball in the hole without risk of being struck by Will’s wayward shots.

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