Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speaking as a mother

Call me a sap, but I got a little teary-eyed listening to Michelle Obama’s speech last night at the Democratic National Convention. No matter your politics, it’s refreshing to hear a woman speak so obviously from her heart -- and as a mother first and foremost. If you missed it, you can listen to her speech here.

Whoever we elect in November, I hope they can muster the political courage to return to a philosophy of pay-as-you-go government – so that we can begin to climb out of our national debt and stop expecting our children, who are too young to have a say, to carry the burden of our massive debts – of our reckless adventures in spending without taxing - when they are our age. As mothers, we owe that much to our children I think.


shannon said...

yes, I cried a little, too. She's pretty real and the love she and Obama have for their children is real, too. Team Hillary and Chelsea looked pretty good and got some tears out of me, too. Are they grooming Chelsea to run for pres or what?

Tina said...

We are folling the political news pretty well here in Sweden. There is a huge interest in american politics right now. I can not wait to hear it.