Saturday, August 23, 2008

In the rain

It’s not too often that we get a relentlessly rainy day like today. So Will, who is rather addicted to our walk-to-the-park ritual, got a bit sullen by the end of the day, wishing he could go outside. Yesterday we’d battled the stuck-indoors blues, by letting Will out in the rain. While Owen and I watched from our tiny covered front porch, Will ran laps around the front yard – and got mildly soaked and totally happy in the process. Today, with things even soggier, we opted for a living room dance party. We cleared the floor, skipped to the most danceable tracks on Will’s Kids Hits Mix and Will did acrobatics around the room while Owen and I bobbed to the beat. Owen is an avid dancer now. He bounces up and down and claps his hands, thrilled that he can do this thing called dancing about as well as me.

Tomorrow, with more rain in the forecast (and Tropical Storm Fay still hanging around) I’m thinking Will and I will leave Owen with Rob, put on some rain gear and go take a long, wet puddle-splashing walk. We’re also finding alternative play spaces – like the library, this morning (where Owen delights more in climbing on children’s chairs than browsing the books) – and maybe we’ll try the Columbus Museum tomorrow afternoon.

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