Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A new hub for mom blogging

So tomorrow marks the beginning of my migration from this lovely green site that’s been my home for just over a year to a larger mom2mom Web site, which the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer is officially launching this week, after a couple of trial weeks.

For now I’ll be posting a few times a week on this blog – including a Thursday post that will also run on the mom2mom site. And soon enough (I’ll let you know when) the mom2mom site will become my permanent home.

But go ahead and get acquainted now with the Ledger’s mom2mom site. It promises to be much more interactive and useful than my lone “mother load” blog – which for a year now has been floating out here in cyberspace, too loosely connected to the Ledger-Enquirer. Mom2mom should be a wonderful way to connect with other moms, swap advice and war stories, learn about kid-friendly events in the Chattahoochee Valley and on and on.

So whether you live in Columbus or off in some more exotic place, I hope you’ll follow me to my new and improved blogging home and set this link in your favorites. I love having all of you as readers and I’m grateful for all your comments (which have influenced my parenting in little ways, made me laugh, and made me grateful to have this place for online mom comradery). I don’t want to lose touch!

And for the next couple weeks at least, you can still find me here too.

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