Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby mullets

I just looked in Will’s baby book, and he was 11 months old when he got his first haircut. “You’ve always had more hair than the average baby your age,” I wrote to some future version of himself that I imagined reading the book.

Owen, meanwhile has always had less hair than the average baby his age. (By the way, I can’t check Owen’s baby book for these sorts of stats and notes because I’ve by and large failed to fill the thing out yet --- I’ve turned into the worst sort of baby book procrastinator.) In any case Owen, who still looks largely hairless to me, is growing some wispy longer tufts of hair behind either of his ears. To trim these up seems like such an undramatic “first hair-cut,” that we just haven’t felt inspired.

So while we wait for that top-of-the-head hair to get long enough to justify opening our back deck barber shop, you’ll have to forgive Owen his baby mullet.


shannon said...

My babies were bald, too. Not honoring any traditional first hair-cut, I always just chopped away at the mullet until it all evened out- much to the dismay of an older black woman friend. She said it is bad luck to cut a baby's hair the first year.

Another interesting note-- in India, I saw many shaved-head babies. Muslims do it as prescribed in some religious texts and Hindus do it in a special religious ceremony for its health benefits (vitamin D to the head, thicker hair re-growth, etc.). They also rub turmeric and other such color- herb pastes on their heads. It is startling beautiful.

But I guess they aren't so used to seeing bald babies in Peru because a Peruvian in-law of mine once said in Spanish, upon seeing my baby, "why is she so bald and why is she so white?" I found it startling beautiful, of course. And Owen's head, too!

Tina said...

I am full of guilt too, I do not even know where the babymoney book for my second child is.
It was so emotional for me giving my children their first haircut. I cried a lot cutting of what we had created. Now i am pretty tired of cutting both my boys hair. It is a lot of bribing going on when it is hair cut time

Annie Addington said...

Yes, maybe that's it. I need enough hair to cry over? I love it Tina that you get even more misty-eyed over these things than me. We miss you down here in Georgia.