Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rock Star, Yeah!

This morning Will, Simon and Alex squeezed in one final jam session as I watched the boys before Simon and Alex fly off to their new life in Sweden tomorrow. During this raucous performance, Simon, as lead singer, belted out a chorus that consisted of a three-word phrase repeated over and over: “Rock Star Yeah!” Will and Alex seemed to think it was perfectly cool.

Will and his friends are finally getting to that age where all I have to do is keep an ear out as the boys negotiate their play. I intentionally ignore minor disagreements and they resolve them together within seconds.

While Owen slept and I worked in the kitchen, I listened to the three non-napping boys dream up a Lincoln log world and, in the process, teach each other various concepts (Simon told Will that the green logs couldn’t go on the fire: “Green wood doesn’t burn,” Simon said. “My mom told me that.”) They also engaged in a debate about whether a plastic tree was a pine or a palm and Will moralized during some “bad boy” play about how “you can’t shoot people because people who shoot people have to go to jail.”

It sort of makes me eager for the day when Owen is talking and I can eavesdrop on his conversations with Will. Kid talk is fascinating stuff. I’m going to miss Simon and Alex’s little voices.

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