Monday, July 7, 2008

Lake Rabun snapshots

Our weekend trip to Lake Rabun was framed by illness – to launch the trip there was Owen’s fever (we hauled him up there in spite of it since we knew he just had a cold and Will had his heart set on our July 4th lake plans) and then on Saturday night I managed to succumb to a wretched bout of food poisoning that incapacitated me for a full day (I rode home zombie-like yesterday while Rob juggled all kid duties and I'm still feeling weak and woozy today). In between, though, we had some good times. Here are a few photos:

Will enjoyed a few different "water skiing" experiences with various partners.While Owen, swallowed up by his life jacket, rode in the boat (here he's with Aunt Alicia).Will "killed" many waves with his foam noodle weapon.

Owen had his first taste of cake (a healthy "bunny cake," courtesy of a "Super Baby Food" recipe) during an early birthday celebration. (On Friday, he turns 1.)And then he attacked some presents -- with Will assisting and offering to "share" all of them, of course.

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