Friday, June 19, 2009

Odes to Dads -- add one from your kids!

We’ll be slipping this list of things Will loves to do with his dad into Rob’s father’s day card (and since we’re embarking on a mega road trip today, he won’t read it here first). If you have time, collect your own “ode to dad” list from your kids – use it as an added touch in your father’s day cards -- and please post it here with your children's first names and ages if you’re willing to share. I would love to have a collection of father’s day odes. (Some of my mom friends have e-mailed me directly so you'll see some of their children's odes posted by me.)

Things I Like to Do With Daddy
By Will, 4 (with interjections from Owen, 23 months – in italics)

I like to play with him – football and basketball.
I like to build stuff with him – castles and towers in the sand.
I like to make stuff with him – paintings to go in my room.
I like giving surprises to him – like cleaning up the house and cleaning up all the balls and Legos.
I like to color with him.
I like him making my cereal.
I like him making my oatmeal.
I like going outside and playing with him. He pushes me on the swing and plays soccer and he blows bubbles.
I like playing with Owen and Daddy and me. We play race cars and we play blocks together and we play monsters.
I play with Daddy, me, Will.
I like playing hide and seek.
I like to hop on top of Pop.
Hop on Pop, Mommy.
We like dancing to the music.
I want dance music.
I like playing with him in the water.
I like playing harmonica while daddy plays guitar.
I like him reading to me and tucking me into bed so I can go to sleep.


Annie Addington said...

From 5-year-old Bradley:

I like to play in the pool with him.
I like to play on the playground with him.
I like to take pictures of him with my camera.
He plays with me outside.
I like it when he carried me to bed and reads me a book.
Daddy is special because he loves me!

Annie Addington said...

From Simon:
I like to help papa clean
I like to make milkshakes with papa
I like to build chairs
I like to make cookies

and Alex:
I like to fish crabs
I like to go on the sailboat with papa

Grace said...

Ella wrote a card with the following written:

"Things I like to do with Dad.
wrestle, swim, swing, read, play music, play checkers."

On the front of the card she drew a "new kind of airplane" - she explained "it has a smokestack and can only take off when it is very windy and it has a huge tail."