Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost big too

This week Will’s been attending a Harry Potter-themed vacation bible school, and Owen has been extremely envious. Every morning as we leave from dropping Will off, Owen whines repetitively, “I go to bibe school too.” And when I explain to him that it’s for bigger kids, he says, also repetitively, “I big kid too.”

So I decided I’d treat him like a big kid this morning and let him try making oatmeal cookies with me for the first time. It was messy at moments, but always manageable and Owen was surprisingly good at following my instructions (Don’t eat the cookie dough, etc.). I think it would be a nightmare to orchestrate cookie-making with Will and Owen side by side, but maybe I’ll get brave and try that one of these summer days.

Although I’ve been enjoying my home alone time with Owen, he frequently suggests that we get in the car and go somewhere. Yesterday, as we were preparing to go nowhere, he slipped into my sandals and announced: “I ready to go!”

This week Owen’s also learned to talk on the phone without pushing buttons the whole time. It helps to have Will on the other phone carrying on a fascinating conversation with Grammy so Owen can listen and chime in with lots of echoes of Will talk. I realized I can fold a whole basket of laundry while the boys talk to Grammy so we may be calling her a few times a week now.

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