Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Messy wins

While I was trying to "clean" our mess of a house yesterday, Will was dragging furniture into the kitchen to construct a balance beam and a monkey cave.

I added to the clutter, when we spotted a tall flower box atop the dumpster behind a flower shop on our walk to the park. We brought it home perched on top of the double stroller and the boys turned the two halves of the box into ramps for their cars and beds for their bodies.
Between their messing and my cleaning, we stay mostly messy at our house. After all, I'm outnumbered in this battle -- and I don't fight very hard.

Does messy win at your house? Or do you manage to keep it clean?

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shannon said...

uh, yes, messy wins at my house! All day long I pick stuff up off the floor. I vacuum and sweep and sometimes mop (when I'm crazy enough to think it'll make a difference or stay that way for more than 30 minutes). I turn around and the floor has more scraps of cut paper and clay, crumbs and toys, leaves and cat hair. The thing is, the kids play more with the things I organize because it becomes more accessible. So, I keep cleaning. Thank goodness for the little breaks I have to read about other mothers cleaning and happily losing the battle. . . .