Friday, June 26, 2009

Notes from the road

We've logged 2,163 miles from Columbus to Austin to Colorado. It made for four fairly big days in the car, thankfully divided by the couple days we enjoyed in Austin with old college friends and their kids.

Will and Owen are pretty happy travelers. But occasionally Will offers up a minor complaint, as in: "If I don't get out now, I'm going to die!"

This is when I motivate to leave my roomy front seat and slide between the boys' car seats in the back so we can read books together or I can hold a mini basketball hoop while Will and Owen take turns shooting baskets.

We've also been known to stuff whining mouths with lollipops, ice cream, fruit roll-ups and chewing gum -- with the clear understanding that these are road trip treats. And since we do much of our eating in the car so that all stopping time is spent running around stretching legs and exploring visitor centers or fast food playgrounds -- Owen's car seat is covered with food residue.

Will and Rob have worked on some collaborative landscapes in crayon -- their latest masterpiece featured cows, horses, mesas and a train as seen through the car window in New Mexico. Will has also enjoyed listening to some books on CD. Our mutual favorite this trip is Daniel Pinkwater's "The Hoboken Chicken Emergency."

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