Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Speedster in the snow

Our last two days in Colorado were warm, sunny ones -- perfect for playing in the snow. And Will shed his timid skin -- first on a big sledding hill near the Eagle airport, where Owen took mini saucer rides on our laps while Will took high-speed mega rides on an innertue wearing a flaming pink snow suit mom picked up at the ski daycare lost and found. He took at least 30 runs, caught some minor air on a jump and probably hiked a few miles getting himself back up to the top. And then he nearly threatened to stay by himself on the hill when we told him it was time to head for home.

Today Will had his first day of skiing, lift ticket and all. And while he didn't figure out how to stop until near the end of his final run, he definitely learned how to go. Rob and I wore ourselves out walking skiless down the hill positioning ourselves ahead of him so we could catch him before he lost all control. Between ski sessions, we let him rest and play for a couple hours with Grammy and Owen while we made a few runs too.

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