Monday, December 1, 2008

Goodbye Grandpa

Just after midnight last night, Rob’s grandfather passed away. He was born July 28, 1920, in Blairsville, Ga., and he had a long, rich life – 88 years in total. He stayed at home until Thanksgiving morning, when he was moved to a hospice where we got to visit him that afternoon. And so we spent Thanksgiving being grateful for his life and grateful for the fact that we got to see him one last time, on that day, and see that he recognized us, even watch him manage to get out the words “I love you” as he looked out on his grandchildren and great grandchildren and his wife. Grandpa was a soft-spoken, warm-hearted man. He gave the kind of firm prolonged hug that made you certain he was happy to see you and I often noticed that his eyes would get moist just looking at family members, especially when a goodbye was looming. He had a tender heart and a deep love for his family.

On Wednesday, we’ll take the boys up to Marietta, Georgia, for his funeral. First here’s a little tribute in photos – with a focus on Grandpa as a great grandfather (the only great grandpa Owen would ever meet).


Grace said...

A nice tribute to someone who was obviously loved. thoughts are with Rob's family and all of you of course. Missed you this wknd. Hope to see you this month.

shannon said...

Those pictures emanate beautiful pride! I feel sadness for you and Rob and his family but joy that Will has memories of his great grandfather. God be with you all as you gather around his soul.