Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas crazed

I’m a procrastinator on all things Christmas and this past week the post-holiday madness has set in. I’ve been up until after midnight for 3 nights running and we still haven’t started addressing Christmas cards. Most of the time I kind of like the rushed run-up to the holidays anyway. It’s a fun kind of busy as long as Owen’s not tugging on my leg and crying while I’m trying to finish a task. On Saturday evening, we squeezed in a visit with Santa after Owen – who did wind up getting pink-eye -- had been on antibiotic drops long enough to not spread the illness to all other Santa lap sitters. Owen thought Santa was scary so we took a photo with daddy too. And when Will found the courage to sit solo on Santa’s lap his response to the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” was a baffled “I don’t know.”

On the way home from our Santa encounter, Will posed the question to us: “What do I want for Christmas?”

I reminded him of a few meager things he’d mentioned in his letter to Santa, and he took great relief in the fact that we’d mailed that message to the North Pole since he’d drawn a blank on the big man’s lap. In Will’s letter, after asking for a few action figures, he got chatty with Santa:

“I want a Christmas tree,” he told me to write. “That was a joke to make you laugh. I want to know how you’re doing. Are there anymore reindeer? If you want to write a letter to me you can so I can be Santa Claus.

“Owen might want a new little ducky, please,” he added after I suggested he might throw in a request for his little brother.

And he signed off with his own printed name and some funky looking stick figures.
We did our Santa sitting at the Landings, which earned Will a ride on their holiday carousel:
Who has fun Santa letter excerpts to share?

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shannon said...

Nora wrote a joint letter for herself and her brother, Cavan. It was filled with the usuals, mostly stuff they already have and love- I got the feeling they were looking around the room when they wrote the letter. The thing I love about this letter is that I discovered it sealed and addressed to Santa with no prompting from me. Here are the good parts:

"for mom a new dress and a hat that matches
for Dad new work things to wear and new work things to work with
for Mom martha stewart cooking stuff
Cavan wants new glasses for mom and a new sun visor for Dad"

They also taped coins to the letter at the bottom and Nora wrote:
"I love
I hope
give back"