Monday, December 22, 2008

Will gets us giving

Today's Ledger-Enquirer article includes an article about how Will's suggestion that we buy a house for a homeless man he noticed on the side of the road prompted us to do some direct giving to a couple area homeless and emergency shelters this year. If you live in the Columbus area and are interested in donating directly to a shelter, here's a list of shelters to consider giving to. Many of them happily accept anything from monetary donations to clothing, household items and toys -- new and used. But call ahead to see what a particular shelter needs and how you can deliver donations.

Damascus Way, 706-653-2061, 1200 11th Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901: Shelter for Women and Children
Hope Harbour, 706-324-3850, Battered women shelter, crisis hotline
House of Mercy, 706-322-6463, 1532 3rd Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901: Shelter for Men, Women, and Children
House of Restoration, 334-214-5522, 908 7th Avenue, Phenix City, AL 36867: Transitional Shelter for Men
House of T.I.M.E., 706-327-6836, 1721 13th Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901: Transitional Shelter for Chemically Dependent Women
Open Door Community House, 706-323-5518, 2405 2nd Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901: Transitional Shelter for Women
Russell County Shelter for Battered Women, 334-297-4401, Battered women shelter & rape response
Salvation Army, 706-327-0275, 1718 2nd Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901: Shelter for Men
Valley Interfaith Promise, 706-494-6348, 1214 3rd Avenue, Columbus, GA 31902: Shelter, Support & Services for Homeless Families
Valley Rescue Mission, 706-322-8267, 2903 2nd Avenue, Columbus, GA 31904: Shelter for Men


BigMomma said...

Wonderful article - there are several comments after the article. It would be wonderful if the Christmas Spirit of giving would last for the entire year. There are men, women, and children doing without food everyday here in Columbus, GA. Check with the Valley Rescue Mission to see if you can help with food delivery on Christmas Day.

shannon said...

thank you, Annie and Will! I'd like to volunteer on a weekly basis somewhere, with the kids. . . . I asked the nuns and parish council at my church about this and strangely, they had no ideas! Ronnie and I volunteered at a Wonderful Wednesdays program in Charlotte when we were in college. Kids, usually without homes, would come for dinner and a little family time. It formed me in many ways and I'd like my children to be part of something like that. Thanks for reminding me.