Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weekend in review -- on Wednesday

I'm finally going through photos from our long weekend in North Georgia. Here are some highlights: Hanging out with Great Grandpa in Marietta
Rob took the boys and I on our first ever drive up Toccoa's crown jewel, Currahee Mountian, which is adorned with graffiti and four mega radio/tv towers. Obviously this scenic locale gets visited by high school partiers more than nature lovers. Rob remembers a high school gathering or two up there himself. I was almost tempted to go on a beer can pick-up hike with Will, but thought better of it.
We enjoyed our picnic spot nonetheless -- Will most of all because he got to throw rocks off a minor cliff. Although, here I guess Owen tops Will on exuberance.
Then we drove down to the bottom of the mountain and hiked back up. It was the steepest hike Will's ever tackled, so by the time we got to the top he was pooped. And Rob was stuck carrying him like this for nearly the entire trip home. (We'll never force our young kids to hike -- too scared we'll turn them off to a pastime we love.)
Papa reads Brer Rabbit to Will, but calls him "Burr" Rabbit every time.
Will discovers the best-ever pastime for kids in the car. He used his teeth to slowly peel an apple, and collected the shavings in a toy dumpster. I challenge you to suggest a pastime that will engross a kid in a car for as long as this. If we do take that road trip to Colorado, I'm packing the dumpster and several apples.

On our way home, we stopped at Ella's 5-year birthday party and Will and friends frolicked for a couple hours on one of those giant inflatable jumpy, bouncy slide things.

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