Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sweet independence

Today, Will, who has been gradually learning to pump on the swings at Lakebottom Park, finally mastered the concept. He was so thrilled to not only be pointing his legs in the proper direction, but also propelling himself forcefully enough to stay in motion, that after one push from me he pumped and kept himself swinging for a full, uninteruppted fifteen minutes. (I started quietly keeping time once I noticed how immersed in the activity he was becoming.) “I finally get how to do it, mom!” he said. And in his joy, he started shouting silly-talk at the trees on each upswing.

Meanwhile, Owen and I got to enjoy ourselves on the toddler playground and just wave back at swinging Will now and then. The peek-a-boo tunnel is about as thrilling for Owen as pumping on a swing is for Will. When Will finally gave up his swing session, he was eager for a little peek-a-boo too.

And back at home, Rob decided it was time to launch a three-piece band.

***On an unrelated note: If you’re a garden enthusiast and live nearby, you might want to go on the Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission’s 2008 Tour of Gardens on May 3. See my story in today’s Ledger for details. Proceeds go to Keep Columbus Beautiful.

Here's the "If You Go" details, since they didn't make the online edition of the paper:

What: The Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission’s 2008 Tour of Gardens
When: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday (May 3)
Where: Green Island and Brookstone neighborhoods
Cost: $20 in advance. $15 per ticket for groups of ten or more. $25 per person the day of the tour. Proceeds go to the Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission. Tickets can be purchased at any of the featured gardens the day of the tour. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission office at 685 Front Ave.; the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau, 900 Front Ave.; The Butler’s Pantry, 2533 Auburn Ave.; The Butler’s Other Pantry, 1640 Rollins Way; River Road Pharmacy, 5100 River Road; Columbus Coffee Company, 1660 Whittlesey Road, the Nursery of Lee Bayard, 1210 13th St.; and Spring Harbor, 100 Spring Harbor Drive.
Details: The tour is self-guided. Tickets and maps will be available at each of the featured gardens, and you can choose your own starting and stopping points. A plant sale will take place at Brookstone School throughout the tour and is open to non-tour-goers as well. Columbus Flower Workshop will present a standard flower show throughout the tour time at Spring Harbor at Green Island.
More information: Call Keep Columbus Beautiful at 706-653-4008 or 706-653-4009.

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duhnel said...

Oh Mrs. Addington, your words to the now wiser are wonderful. I have just found Heather G. and hopefully now I have found you. Snail mail just isn't working so hopefully we can find another way. Heather and I are using I am able to reconnect with wonderful people from my past and bring them into my present. I hope we can start doing the same.
With sincere friendship,
Danelle Rivera
(Dan-L Rivera is my facebook name)