Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Working" with dad

Since Rob’s working this week, we’re spending Will’s spring break mostly at home. But yesterday we got to accompany Rob to one of his more pristine work places. He and other Nature Conservancy staffers had done a prescribed fire on Black Jack Crossing, a beautiful old longleaf pine plantation that is home to gopher tortoises and rare pitcher plants. Rob’s assignment yesterday was to go back and make sure nothing was still smoldering the day after the fire. So we came along and walked the outskirts of the burned section, which looked like this: (Here Rob and Will are examining an old gopher tortoise burrow)

Will was thrilled to just pretend he was driving this four-wheeler. (We didn't have the keys.)

Sandy roads and fire breaks became our hiking trail.

We collected pine cones for Will’s next show and tell.

We could have stayed all day at this little rocky hillside, which was the perfect playground for Will, who collected rocks and explored minor canyons…

and Owen, who reminds me every day that even little things like broken leaves are miraculous.

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