Monday, April 28, 2008

No lions here

On Saturday we went up to Atlanta with intentions of going to the zoo. But the weather was a bit questionable and we wound up giving Will the choice of a day at the zoo (which he hasn't been to in two years) and a day at Imagine It!: The Children's Museum of Atlanta, where we'd never been. He immediately chose the museum as the less scary option (he'd been worrying about how we were going to avoid the gorillas, tigers and lions at the zoo, and he told his Aunt Alicia this weekend that he plans to go to the zoo once he is 7 years old. Apparently he's intending to get brave by then).

So we decided to check out the lion-free kid's museum. I didn't get my animal-viewing fix (we'll save for that the fall), but it was fun to watch both boys immersed in so much exploratory fun. If it weren't for the fact that nap-deprived Owen was headed for a meltdown by mid-afternoon we could have stayed all day. Here are some highlights:


Allison Kennedy said...

Looks like great fun! Is there such a place for grown-ups??

Annie Addington said...

There needs to be. In the meantime, maybe we should suggest they start an "adult night" every Friday -- no kids allowed! I'd like to go play myself.