Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Valentines

Will and I decided it would be fun for him to make a heart-shaped book for Rob’s Valentine’s day present.

“I’m the author!” Will said.

He wrote a book entitled – “A Doggy, Cat, Crocodile, Alligator Book” – perhaps the sequel to his debut murder-mystery “The Doggy Cat Book.” In this one, rather than killing the cat on the final page, he ends with a note of religious/astrological inspiration.

Here’s the story (minus the illustrations):
Page 1: The fishies swim in the water
Page 2: Little bugs come to the crocodile. That’s their mommy right there in the hole. The crocodile says, “Kooky kak, I see a cat!”
Page 3: Fishies, fishies swimming in the sea. Twinkle twinkle little star. We love Jesus for the moon.
Back cover: About the author: William Thomas Addington really loves his dad.

And he does.

Meanwhile, I made a heart-shaped pizza (using this recipe for a thin whole wheat crust) for dinner and I spent all of 10 minutes concocting a Valentine’s treasure hunt since I didn’t have an idea for a very impressive card. So Will got to lead Owen around following the rather obvious clues on heart shaped construction paper, and collecting a few very minor treasures along the way until they arrived at their big heart-shaped homemade Valentines (with a few treats and a book attached for Will and a Valentine’s board book for Owen). Will tiptoed from one treasure to the next (“so the foxes don’t hear us”) with Rob, Owen and I close behind. This may be a tradition to continue for a while.

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