Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend in pictures

It was my kind of weekend. Balmy for early February and no big plans so on one day we triked to the park
and had a picnic lunch by the creek, while Will took nature photographs with a baby food jar.And the next day, Owen went on his first real hike on Pine Mountain
which inspired Will to want a backpack ride too
until he realized walking is more fun
especially when you can stop and shoot moss with your "woodpecker finder gun." We heard a woodpecker but failed to see it -- all of which prompted Will to invent this tool.
We admired the occasional longleaf pine seedling still trying to make it in an under-burned forest of oaksand Will got chummy with FDR.

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shannon said...

Our children need to know the land from which they come! It's good to let them explore it. There's another great 3 mi hike that starts in the park by the outpost, near the camp ground. About 2 mi in, there's this fairy-land with an opening to a stream and brush over-head, and fallen trees to walk across.
There's a trail association that might like to know your thoughts on the woods needing more burning - - See you out there!